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The rules for classic Belote

Game Overview

Belote Cards

Belote is a classic card game that is played with 32 cards.


The classic Belote is played by four players, forming two teams.

Rank and value of cards

For classic Belote the value of cards depends on their color (club, spade, heart, diamond) and whether they are trump or no trump.

Rank and value of no trump cards and trump card.



For the first distribution of cards, a player is chosen at random. It is the first player to the left of the first dealer who will distribute the cards at the next game.

Each player will receive 5 cards, 1 card is put in the middle of the game table.

The choice of trump

The card in the middle of the game table is then proposed as a trump. The player to the dealer’s right is the first to decide whether he/she would like to take it or not and so on for all the other players.

When a player decides to take it, he/she receives 2 additional cards, 3 cards for the three other players.

If no player takes the card during the first round, then a new round begins during which each player has the right to choose his/her trump card.

If no player takes the card after 2 rounds, the cards are dealt.

The game can begin

The player to the left of the dealer starts the round.

Each player has just to follow the suit and cut the trump when he/she has not the requested color.

However, it is possible not to cut the trump if your teammate controls the game even if you do not have the requested color, this strategy is called discard or “piss”.


When the same player has the King and Queen as trump, the player can play his/her cards in the order s/he wants and makes 20 points, it is called « belote » « rebelote ».


The classic Belote game is a game with contract, to win the round, the involved team must do 82 points by counting any points of Belote.

At the end of the round, the value of the cards won by each team is added. The team that wins the last trick wins a bonus of 10 points: it is the « 10 de der. »

Two options are available to you:

• The involved team has performed his contract of 82 points, then each team scores the points he has made and the Belote if applicable.

• The involved team has not performed the contract, then it does not score or only the Belote. Therefore the opposite team wins 162 points and the Belote if applicable.